About Us

Safe & Sound Spray™ Founders Jenelle Frevert and Gwen Driscoll received $20,000 in investment capital to start their business. Shown here with their mentor, Tom Condon.

Safe & Sound Spray™ is the creation of two entrepreneurial students from Lake Forest High School’s Business Incubator class who want to reduce sexual assaults on college campuses.

What inspired them to develop Safe & Sound Spray™?

“Every year, the number of sexual assaults of college women continue to increase,” says co-founder Gwen Driscoll. “At each college I’ve visited, I’ve stopped into the bookstore and haven’t found one yet that offers a product like Safe & Sound Spray™. There is a market out there for our product, and I look forward to sharing it with college students everywhere.”

“I’ve been very fortunate to have grown up in a safe neighborhood where kids are always out playing and their parents aren’t worried,” says co-founder Jenelle Frevert. “I haven’t had to worry either. I know that when I get to college, I’ll need to be more aware of my surroundings and more alert to what is going on around me. Safe & Sound Spray™ will provide the extra layer of protection I’ll need, wherever I am.”

Become a Campus Rep for Safe & Sound Spray™

Safe & Sound Spray™ has a growing group of campus reps who are helping us spread the word about our device and our mission to reduce assaults on college campuses.

Campus Reps meet with groups and organizations on campus, present facts about assaults and tips for being safe, and manage group orders for a commission. If you’re interested in becoming a campus rep for Safe & Sound Spray™, please email us at safeandsoundspray@gmail.com.